The Fair Fight Foundation Ltd (Supertee) Board is a diverse and passionate group of individuals focused on delivering value where it counts. We come from all walks of life but share a common goal. Supertee is a vibrant organisation invested in positive culture, built on team achievement, and focused on real meaning.


Jason Sotiris

As the creator of Supertee, my journey has been very personal and extremely rewarding. My daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer shortly after her first birthday, and she inspired the Supertee idea.

John Munnelly

I joined Supertee after meeting Jason and relating to his story. When my eldest son was 2½ years old, he unexpectedly collapsed in his mum’s arms. He was completely unresponsive and ended up in a coma for many days.

Sarah Morgan

When I first came across Supertee medical garments, I knew they could help sick children and their families. When people have the power of belief, they can build resilience and develop bravery — even in the face of life’s toughest challenges.

Matt Carroll

I came across Jason when Supertee was just starting out, and I absolutely loved his idea and passion. Not only could I see a great purpose in helping sick kids, but I recognised someone with the dream and drive to make a difference.

Vivan Nguyen

I joined Supertee to help out children, giving them a boost when they need it the most. With Supertee, it’s always about the kids. I assist Supertee with a range of business and legal skills to help them grow.

Kaylene Hubbard

I joined Supertee to make a difference — during those quiet and incredibly difficult times when help is needed the most. I jumped on board because I believe in Jason, his passion, his purpose, and what he has managed to create.

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