My favourite character

Maybe Popeye – he is old, bald, and likes spinach. A hero gives it their all, just like Popeye. With bravery, hard work, and love, all of our little heroes can do their best too.

I joined Supertee after meeting Jason and relating to his story. When my eldest son was 2½ years old, he unexpectedly collapsed in his mum’s arms. He was completely unresponsive and ended up in a coma for many days. With no immediate diagnosis, we felt completely lost and helpless. For me, being involved with Supertee is a way of paying back some of the great kindness that we received when our son was sick.

My role in Supertee, as chair of the board, is to oversee the governance of the organisation. As a partner in management consulting at KPMG, with a background in economics and technology, I bring a commercial lens to help the charity grow.

My aim is to positively impact as many children as possible. I want Supertee to become the default children’s medical garment in Australia. It will be a great day when sick children no longer have to wear one of those blue gowns — instead, they can feel ready to fight in a Supertee!