My favourite character

I love Mulan — she is not the typical Disney princess. She defied the odds and did what was needed for her family. She broke down female stereotypes and had the courage to break the rules. She did what was needed, despite what other people said.

I joined Supertee to help out children, giving them a boost when they need it the most. With Supertee, it’s always about the kids. I assist Supertee with a range of business and legal skills to help them grow. From a personal perspective, I am the mum of two great kids.

I am the managing partner of a boutique law firm in Parramatta, which puts me in a great position to help out the Supertee brand. I look forward to helping the team more as we encounter new legal and regulatory challenges.

Above all else, I want Supertee to continue its mission — helping sick children and bringing happiness to families during times of profound hardship. A superhero is someone brave who goes above and beyond to help others.