Wall of Acknowledgement

This page is dedicated to incredible individuals who have achieved their goal of helping to provide Supertee Care Packs to children in hospital facing life threatening conditions


Goal $5000 / Raised $2360.2

We are fundraising to support a great cause that we believe in. Help us meet our goal by donating today to support our team.

Andrew Siu

Goal $1000 / Raised $4,050.16

By the age of 7, I had endured 7 major operations. By age 21, I had undergone 21 operations. Thankfully by adulthood, much of that is now behind me, but as a kid in hospital, it’s a very clinical and depressing world and I wish Supertee was around when I was young. I’ve embarked on a mission to personally raise $1,000 which will directly help 22 seriously ill kids receive a Supertee. Each $45 donation helps one child, but I will graciously accept any amount you can afford. Your gift aside from being tax deductible, goes a long way to giving sick kids strength when they need it the most. Thank you for your act of kindness and your generosity.

Kayla Larsen

Goal $2,000 / Raised $2,278.67

I’m fundraising to support this great cause, because it means so much to me and Bug. When Bug was first in hospital at 18months old he was given his first supertee, every admission he has had he has worn his supertee and feels stronger and braver every single time. This allows drs and nurses to access his little body without lifting off clothes or exposing his whole body, it allows access and comfort and a bit of control of his body. Whenever he wears his Supertee his big brothers pretend Bugs super strength is real and let’s him beat him in arm wrestles, he believes he’s a real super hero just like Thor. You can’t imagine how incredible that makes us feel as parents to know everything he has gone through and he still so positive. That’s what supetee does.

Nathan 4seasonsplumbing

Goal $1,000 / Raised: $1,000

I’m fundraising to support this great cause, because it means so much to me. Help me out by donating through my fundraiser page.