Sarah Morgan

My favourite character

I love Moana. She is tenacious, optimistic, and drawn to the ocean. She steps beyond her comfort zone, never gives up, and isn’t afraid to grow. Moana will stand her ground and fight for what she believes in no matter what.

When I first came across Supertee medical garments, I knew they could help sick children and their families. When people have the power of belief, they can build resilience and develop bravery — even in the face of life’s toughest challenges.

As a leadership and performance coach, I hope to provide Supertee with an extra edge. I work alongside Jason as a leadership mentor, sharing my business experience to help this amazing charity grow. I enjoy working with Jason — guiding his enthusiasm as we help more children and their families.

Supertee has an opportunity to help hundreds of thousands of children around the world. As a unique form of empowerment, Supertee’s positive and practical design builds real-life heroes. Everyday Australians and corporations can be heroes too — by standing up and taking action.