Supertee Space Commander

Onwards and Upwards: A journey to the stars with our Space Commander edition

The Supertee Space Commander is a gateway to imagination while encouraging STEM learning and serving as a functional and practical medical garment for kids.

By allowing sick children the opportunity to imagine themselves as astronauts and transforming their hospital beds into a Rocketship, Supertee provides a welcome distraction from medical procedures.

Through the Supertee Space Commander, we aim to inspire kids to discover more about the world of STEM and recognise its important role, tapping into the power of their imagination to reach for the stars, where no Space Commander has gone before.

Each child will receive an adventure packed Space Commander Care Pack that will ignite imagination and includes:

  • Space Commander Supertee
  • Space Commander Tin
  • Control Console Pillow Case
  • Rocket Posters to launch the hospital bed
  • Fun STEM Activities
  • A Mission Book about Alex the Supertee Space Commander
  • Handwritten message from the Space Control Centre

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