Fair Fight Foundation

Supertee is the key project of Fair Fight Foundation Ltd (ABN: 43 642 609 425).

Approx. 500,000* children a year need the services of Australia’s hospitals, a significant number of these diagnosed with a critical illness that requires long term care.

Our goal is to help over 30, 000 of our sickest kids by providing them with our products and services for free, thanks to amazing supporters like you!

The Supertee project is just one of our planned projects and we are leading the way with innovative products and services in the ever evolving medical industry all aimed at providing the best care possible.

Fair Fight Foundation was formed in 2020 as a means to get more Supertees to hospitals around Australia and into the hands of the children that need them the most.


Our Vision

We want kids to be recognised as the true heroes that they are.

Our vision is to alleviate their suffering and distress with distraction, comfort and encourage the wonder of imaginative play.

All this whilst contributing to vital research into rare diseases.

 Fair Fight Foundation Board

Our Goals

We have some lofty goals and with your help we know we can reach them each and every year.

Supertee Packs Distributed

Australian Hospitals Supported

Funds Raised

Become a Volunteer and join the Fight!

We are always looking for help and by volunteering you are showing your commitment to helping those that are less fortunate.

Fair Fight Foundation Ltd is registered with the ACNC as a Public Benevolent Institution.
All donations to Fair Fight Foundation are tax-deductible under Deductible Gift Recipient Item 1 from the Australian Taxation Office.

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