Zach and Carmela

by | Jan 21, 2022 | Our Stories | 0 comments

Carmela has two beautiful children, including her superhero son Zach. When a tumour was found inside his chest and spine at six weeks old, Zac was left with a spinal cord injury and spent lots of time in ICU. The tumour was successfully removed after two surgeries, but the spinal cord injury went on to create numerous challenges. Carmela has been supported by family and friends during this time, including her amazing daughter and superhero sidekick.

Having a child with a serious physical injury brings up both emotional and practical challenges. To cope with everyday life, Carmela needed to adjust her lifestyle around the needs of Zach. From transportation to accessibility, from seating to eating, the details of life were carefully considered and managed based on Zach’s needs.

Carmela is incredibly optimistic about Zach’s future, with his disability unable to hold him back. According to Camilla, Zach is incredibly motivated and ready to tackle life on his own terms. From sporting activities to everyday play, Zach and his family are ready to embrace everything that life throws their way.

Carmela and her family present a united face during difficult times, as they hold each other up through life’s many challenges. Throughout Zach’s journey, Carmela has discovered the strength of her marriage and the endless support of her family. Zach’s sister has been a huge inspiration during this time, supporting Zach’s needs and helping him to overcome obstacles along the way.

Carmela ‘s husband discovered the Supertee at an MRI appointment, with Carmela going online to order one right away. Once the Supertee came, Carmela discovered just how beneficial it could be. Zach became more confident every time he wore the Supertee, transforming into a real-life superhero every time he walked through the hospital doors. Supertee brings excitement and joy when it’s needed the most.
Through the transformative power of bravery, Supertee looks forward to helping more children and their families in the years ahead.