Lachlan and his grandmother

by | Feb 17, 2022 | Our Stories | 0 comments

Lara has three amazing children, including her second-born superhero Lachlan. When Lachlan was just five weeks old, he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. Lara knew very little about the disease, but she soaked up information quickly and soon became empowered. Gaining knowledge of the disease gave her confidence to help Lachlan alongside her family.

When you have a sick child, life throws lots of hurdles your way. Lachlan is now three years old, and he attends hospital every eight weeks for clinic visits when healthy. In between these times, additional admissions are often needed when bacteria forms in his lungs. With admissions lasting from 14 to 28 days, managing his time in hospital is absolutely critical.

Supertee has become a fantastic addition to his life, and according to Lara, it’s so much more than a medical garment. When Lachlan puts on his Supertee, he stands taller, feels prouder, and finds bravery for the day ahead. In fact, this innovative hospital garment has been great for the entire family, with the Facebook group helping Lara to connect with other Supertee families.

Being a hospital family can be incredibly isolating, especially for cystic fibrosis cases due to the potential of bacteria cross-pollination. For Lara and her family, Supertee has been a great way to connect with other families in a similar situation. When we come together as a collective, we become stronger as individuals. With courage delivered through the power of imagination, Lachlan and his family have developed brand new superpowers.

With brave children inspiring a real sense of community, Supertee helps to bring people together.