Isla and Pamela

by | Mar 3, 2022 | Our Stories | 0 comments

Pamela is the loving mum of Isla, who is a happy and energetic little girl, despite their world being turned upside down in the past year when Isla was diagnosed with leukemia.  A lump on her head had raised concerns that lead to months of doctors visits and tests and then finally a diagnosis.

At that moment Pamela says she felt relief more than anything, knowing they could now treat Isla with no more uncertainty or sleepless nights.  Not long after Isla started treatment she was gifted a Supertee which Pamela describes as amazing.

One of the most traumatic things the family found was having to take off Isla’s t-shirt in hospital to allow the nurses to draw blood as Isla dreaded it. The practicality of the Supertee meant Pamela no longer had to change Isla’s shirt, immediately taking away the trauma. Instead the family would chat to Isla keeping her calm and Isla felt like a little superhero running around with her suit on afterwards.

The whole family are huge Marvel fans and Isla is so excited to be able to wear the Supertee: Marvel Edition, which they know will help with Isla’s ongoing care.