Inayah and Jay

by | Mar 3, 2022 | Our Stories | 0 comments

Jay is the mother of Inayah, a happy, energetic, and well-loved little girl. Inayah was born with a serious heart condition called hetrotaxy left atrial isomerism. Her condition is very rare, affecting just one in 200,000 girls. Inayah has had six heart surgeries in her young life, four of which were open heart, and she now has a pacemaker installed.

Inayah was diagnosed when Jay was just 19 weeks pregnant, on the same day as her gender reveal party. She was in shock but didn’t want to give up on her baby.

Inayah has been in and out of hospital, with her first surgery taking place at just three months old. She was born without a spleen and catches viruses quickly, including one time that turned into meningitis. She has had two close calls on her life, but she is strong and keeps fighting.

Inayah had her fifth open heart surgery just last year at Westmead Children’s Hospital, which didn’t go as planned, needing another surgery just two days later. Her little heart won’t last until her teenage years, so she will need a heart transplant if eligible .

After some incredibly challenging experiences and a rollercoaster of emotions, a little help goes a long way. Supertee has provided support for Inayah during her hospital stays. It doesn’t restrict her like other clothing and makes it easy to manage the wires on her chest that monitor her heart.

When you’ve spent more than half your child’s life in hospital, you really appreciate thoughtful things like the Supertee.

Inayah is a beautiful little girl who radiates happiness and love. She loves talking, dancing, food, and everything pink. As she lives her best life alongside her parents and siblings, Rajaa and Hassan, Supertee is a constant companion by her side.

With bravery and through strength of imagination, Supertee helps to bring people together.