Gwendolyn and Rebecca

by | Jun 17, 2022 | Our Stories | 0 comments

Gwendolyn’s condition was discovered after birth, with early symptoms progressing despite the lack of a formal diagnosis. She did not feed the same as Rebecca’s other two children, which rang alarm bells from day one. The situation progressed from there, with Gwendolyn lacking muscle tone as a baby and failing to meet her developmental goals.

During her early life, Gwendolyn needed tubes to help with feeding, with their continual removal and reapplication traumatic for the young child and her family. Twelve months later, she was fitted with a gastric tube, and she is now fed through her tummy. Rebecca has been through a range of emotions during this process. When she found herself crying in the car after appointments, she learned to pull everything together for the sake of Gwendolyn.

As a parent, you want to give your children absolutely everything. Nutrition is central to this process, with Gwendolyn’s ongoing feeding problems confronting for Rebecca on many levels. There is also a lack of certainty associated with this condition, with complex symptoms causing an emotional rollercoaster without the clarity of a diagnosis.

According to Rebecca, however, happiness comes as “the little milestones bring magic to the heart.” Gwendolyn is a great warrior and family champion, and her achievements mean so much to everyone. Along with her family, Rebecca gets support from other parents with special needs children.

Rebecca came across Supertee via a feeding support group, and she loves how it fosters a real sense of community. Supertee supports the entire family by helping parents and carers to connect and share their stories. Gwendolyn’s eyes lit up when she saw the Supertee, and it gives her and everyone around her a real sense of confidence. Supertee provides a massive emotional boost during an incredibly difficult time.

Supertee brings something positive to the hospital adventure. It helps everyone see Gwendolyn for who she really is — a real-life superhero.