Carter and Mel

by | Jun 17, 2022 | Our Stories | 0 comments

Carter was born early at 29 weeks with a known heart condition. He went through his first surgery at 22 days old, and has faced numerous issues since this time. He’s now had four different heart surgeries, including two rounds of open-heart surgery. While Carter has been through immense challenges, he continues to thrive and inspires his four siblings every day.

Mel has been through lots of intense experiences alongside Carter. Throughout his young life, he has spent lots of time on ventilators and been through some scary moments involving resuscitation. Carter has been in and out of hospital countless times already, and he will continue to experience complex challenges in the months and years ahead.

Mel came across the Supertee on Facebook, and it’s already played a positive role in Carter’s life. According to Mel, “The Supertee has been an absolute blessing for us. It’s easy for him to get on, easy for the medical staff to get on, and keeps him warm during his stays in hospital.”

At a time when everyone deserves to feel like the best version of themselves, Supertee is there to lend a helping hand.