Boston and Amanda

by | Feb 17, 2022 | Our Stories | 0 comments

Amanda has three little boys, including her superhero Boston. Born healthy, Boston required emergency surgery at just 28 days old. Over time, a relatively common condition led to numerous surgeries and multiple stays in hospital. Amanda became a single mother during this time, with her other boys offering amazing support as superhero sidekicks.

Chronic sickness can be incredibly tough, both for the child involved and the people around them. Boston has much greater needs than other children, and his needs are considered as a priority. This puts added pressure on partnerships and alters family dynamics. According to Amanda, communication is key, with people needing to share their experiences and speak openly about their feelings.

Amanda is incredibly brave and committed, but she worries about the future and what it holds. To this day, Boston does not have a diagnosis, so the future is very much unknown. Despite such profound challenges, Amanda takes strength from the love of her boys and the support of the wider community. Despite incredibly hard days, her family and friends are always there to lend a helping hand.

Amanda came across Supertee while working as a nurse at a children’s hospital. When Boston was big enough to wear them, they quickly became a favourite wardrobe item. Much more than a t-shirt, the Supertee is incredibly versatile and designed to accommodate sick children. The Supertee improves medical access, allows for various attachments, and makes kids feel absolutely awesome. During each surgery and hospital stay, the Supertee helps Boston to look and feel like the superhero he is.

With strength, courage, and imagination, Supertee wants to help more sick children and loving families.