Abigail and Nicole

by | Jun 17, 2022 | Our Stories | 0 comments

Abigail is a beautiful eight-year-old girl with complex healthcare needs. She was diagnosed with Henoch-Schönlein purpura at two years old, with her case causing ongoing complications to this day. This disorder causes inflammation and bleeding in the small blood vessels, and in rare cases, it can attack both the kidneys and the bowels.

The medical diagnosis was overwhelming for Nicole, who faced fear during the early days and uncertainty from medical professionals. While some doctors suggested the likelihood of a short four-week condition during the early days, Abigail’s symptoms have continued to progress over many months and years.

Nicole has become stronger and more proactive over the years for the sake of Abigail. She has learned to speak up and is always ready to fight for her daughter and family. Nicole has some simple but powerful advice for the parent of any child with a complex medical condition: “Listen to your gut, advocate for your family, and always ask questions to learn as much as possible.”

Nicole discovered Supertee two years ago via the online family support page. It has been a welcome addition to Abigail’s life, as it provides both emotional and practical support. Abigail is overwhelmed and scared of hospital procedures, with Supertee giving her a much-needed boost. It helps her find flexibility and strength, and gives her bravery when she needs it the most. With Supertee, Abigail knows she can do it.

Supertee changes Abigail’s mindset in a small but incredibly powerful way. Instead of hiding behind her hospital gown, she uses Supertee as a shield and moves