Connor and Jennifer

by | Jun 17, 2022 | Our Stories | 0 comments

In an incredible story, Jennifer adopted Connor after hearing about him on Facebook. She already had a child with complex medical needs and knew she could support Connor along his journey. When she learned of this beautiful boy and his many challenges, Jennifer had an automatic feeling that “we could do this.” Connor was looking for his forever home, and Jennifer and her family could give him the life that he deserved.

Connor has 10p deletion syndrome, which is a chromosome abnormality involving a missing copy of genetic material. This is an incredibly rare condition that only affects around 80 people in the world. From the parts of the body affected to the frequency of symptoms and treatment process, this disease has a wide range of unknown factors. Connor was diagnosed before birth and is non-verbal with major feeding issues.

Jennifer says, “We wanted a child who had those challenges because we knew how rewarding it could be. Once you’ve had a child with complex and potentially life-threatening conditions, you are changed forever and the wins you have are much more special. The little things are worth so much more because you can’t take anything for granted.”

When adopting Connor, Jennifer and her family were already familiar with busy hospital routines and endless therapy sessions. They knew what was involved and selflessly put their hand up for more. The uncertainty involved with Connor’s condition is always challenging, however, and strength is needed to get through every day.

Supertee has been a positive influence on Connor and Jennifer’s life in many ways. Not only is the garment itself practical, but the community it fosters helps people to connect and feel supported as well. Hospital stays are the opposite of enjoyable, with this playful garment bringing a much-needed smile to kids and their families.

The Supertee acts almost like a circuit breaker. It gives kids the support they need and helps parents come up for air.