Penny vs Leukemia B Cell ALL

“After 5 weeks of very irregular fevers, a doctor at Cairns took a blood sample which lead to a trip Brisbane for a bone marrow test & her diagnosis. She is now in remission, however treatment is 2.5 years long so we still have a long road ahead.

A few days in, we got gifted a beautiful little tin & when we opened it, it had a lovely purple superhero t-shirt. This was the perfect top to go & have her port put in, On the way to her surgery Penny took the nurses hand & ran down the hall with her other hand holding her cape out behind her. She was so brave!

The staff all commented on her tee, no metal poppers so she can have surgery while wearing it, great access to her port & when she gets accessed for chemo, it’s very easy to undo & then pop it back.

Thank you for thinking of this t-shirt. I see lots of brave little superheroes with smiles on their faces because they are now ready to fight their own battles with their Supertee’s on.” – Penny’s Mum