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The Power of Team Building

At Supertee, we organise transformative team building events. When new friendships are developed across your company, you can inspire growth from the inside out. We help to inspire individuals and build team chemistry while meeting CSR requirements. We give you an opportunity to give back, build positive associations for your brand, and make your vision come to life.

Participation at a Supertee packing event can help to improve your operational efficiency and maximise your return on investment. More than that, however, it presents you with a valuable opportunity to help children in need.

12 benefits of a packing event

1. Learn to work together as a team and manage each others strengths

2. Develop and practice advanced communication skills

3. Draw out and ignite the natural and emerging leaders in your team

4. Create a relaxed and joyful environment, where your team can connect

5. Give your team the chance to bond over a shared experience helping others

6. Help your people grow in confidence and deliver beyond their potential

7. Everyone is given an important role to play, leading to increased responsibility

8. Trust is the foundation of your culture and this starts by us trusting your team

9. A positive environment with engaged people will increase team morale

10. Mutual respect is critical to the success of the day and to your team environment

11. Forge strong relationships and reinforce the values and vision of your company

12. Become part of the Supertee story which is inspiring and energising

What people say about our team building packing events

Having our team volunteer their time at the Supertee Packing Event is a clear definition of our culture – stepping up and working together to support others. I am proud of what the team achieved on the day, their leadership and collaboration allowed us to make a real difference to all the children receiving a Supertee and their families. Thank you Supertee for making this happen.”

Michael Ragg,
Director/General Manager – Western Earthmoving

 “Hosting a Supertee packing event with the Board and employees of Parramatta Leagues Club enabled all of us to work together in an environment and for a purpose far removed from our day-to-day worlds.  This was a great day spent helping kids that need all the help we can give and it brought our team together in a way I don’t know what else could have.”

Chris Dimou,
CEO Parramatta Leagues Club

“The event was an incredible opportunity for the WEM Team to come together and make a real difference in sick kids’ lives. Thank you Supertee for the fantastic work you do!”

Holly Leikvold,
Marketing Coordinator – Western Earthmoving

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